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Our Team

"the bigger the dream, the more important the team."

Welcome to our education-forward salon, where we believe in delivering exceptional, customized services to our guests and investing in your potential as a hairstylist. At Stylist & Co. we have perfected systems in place designed to nurture and grow your career in the beauty industry. Join us on a journey of skill development where you'll have the opportunity to refine your talents. Discover a supportive environment where you'll flourish as a hairstylist and become the best version of yourself. Inquire about joining us today!



Owner. Senior Stylist | Licensed

Cassie is the Owner, Senior Hairstylist and Professional Makeup Artist with over 14 years of expertise in hairstyling and hair colouring, She specializes in balayage and lived-in blondes and brunettes..  Recently Cassie was named a Top 100 Balayage finalist at the One Shot Hair Awards in 2022, and Top 100 Salon Decor in 2023. The opportunity to pass on her technical skill and expertise to fellow and future stylists of the industry is what she holds close to her heart.  With having opened The Stylist & Co. in June 2016, her ability and passion shows in all of her work. She strives to form lasting relationships with all of her clients to ensure the most positive experience with each visit. There's never a day where she doesn't exude positivity and kindess. 



Salon Coordinator | Client Support 

Meet Emma! Our very own Southern Belle, aka your first point of contact at Stylist & Co., since August of 2022. At first glance, Emma is brimming with a kind and uplifting personality, She has effortlessly formed warm relationships with our clients and staff, establishing herself as an integral part of our team. Beyond the salon, Emma is a certified Wedding and Event Planner, infusing her detailed coordination skills into creating unforgettable events. 



Senior Stylist | Colourist | Licensed

Zakia "Zak" joined our team in June 2020. As a senior stylist, she has over a decade of experience in hairstyling, men's grooming and esthetics. Zak is very passionate about her career and always strives to ensure a positive experience with each and every client. She's always positive and eager to learn new skills of the trade, and takes pride in all of her work.



Associate Stylist | Licensed

Breanna joined the Stylist & Co. Team in 2021 as an apprentice and junior stylist. She is eager to continue growing in the beauty industry, and frequently attends classes to stay knowledgeable on current trends. Breanna continues to grow each day as a hairstylist and hopes to complete her apprenticeship this year



Associate Stylist | License in progress...

Kelly joined The Stylist & Co. team in April 2023 after graduating from Canadian Beauty College Hairstyling Program . She is currently enrolled as an Apprentice and has been actively performing various colouring and haircutting services . She is attending frequent classes to perfect her technical skills and hopes to be well rounded in all aspects of hair.



Apprentice | Assistant Stylist | Makeup Artist

Sabrina is a professional makeup artist and aspiring hairstylist, with a passion for all things beauty. She is beginning her hair education this fall and working with us at Stylist & Co. as an assistant & makeup artist. Soon enough she’ll be the ultimate beauty powerhouse! Follow Sabrina's journey below.



Associate Stylist | License in progress...

Brittany joined Stylist & Co. team in 2021 is a salon coordinator and aspiring hairstylist, She began her apprenticeship journey with us, and is now a very talented Associate Stylist, who's always attentive to her guests' needs. She is currently working towards being a fully licensed stylist by the fall. She is attending frequent classes to perfect her technical skills and hopes to be well rounded in all aspects of hair.

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