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Our Team

"the bigger the dream, the more important the team."

We believe in pursuing what you love and are passionate about. Combining those two will bring you results that speak for themselves. Transparency for us means being clear and honest with every staff member and client of Stylist & Co., and being clear about our companies goals, strategies, and decisions.



Owner. Senior Stylist | Specializing in Balayage & Lived-In Colour

Portfolio Educator Colourist at L'Oréal Professionnel Paris

Cassie is the Owner, Senior Hairstylist and Professional Makeup Artist with over 12 years of expertise in hairstyling and hair colouring, She specializes in balayage and corrective colour.  Recently Cassie was named a Top 100 Balayage finalist at the One Shot Hair Awards. She has been working alongside L'Oreal Professionnel as a Portfolio Educator, while fostering close relationships with the innovators of the beauty industry. The opportunity to pass on her technical skill and expertise to fellow and future stylists of the industry is what she holds close to her heart.  With having opened The Stylist & Co. in June 2016, her ability and passion show in all of her work. She strives to form lasting relationships with all of her clients to ensure the most positive experience with each visit. There's never a day where she doesn't exude positivity and happiness. 

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Senior Stylist / Specializing in Brunettes, Lived-In Colour & Extensions.

Makeup Artist

Jessy joined The Stylist & Co. team in 2021. She's a bubbly and energetic dose of spunk you didn't even know you needed! Jessy is a Senior hairstylist and Makeup artist with almost 10 years in the biz! Jessy specializes in full colour transformations and extensions but enjoys all things hair no matter what the update!  Client's happiness is her #1 priority, so new and existing clients will always look forward to an in depth consultation every time. Her in-salon hobbies are cleaning and re-cleaning makeup brushes, organizing drawers and editing reels.



Senior Stylist, Specializing in Blondes & Lived-in Colour.

Savvy joined the Stylist & Co. in 2021 and has over 6 years of expertise in hairstyling. She enjoys a good challenge, whether it's a new haircut or a hair color makeover.  Savvy is always keen on updating her technical skills and passionate about continued education in the industry. Her artistic talents include all aspects of hair; specializing in various blonding services, and corrective colour. Savvy places a high value on listening, consulting and respecting her clients. Focusing on the client's needs is the key to her success.



Senior Stylist, Esthetician

Zakia "Zak" joined our team in June 2020. As a senior stylist, she has over a decade of experience in hairstyling, men's grooming and esthetics. Zak is very passionate about her career and always strives to ensure a positive experience with each and every client. She's always positive and eager to learn new skills of the trade, and takes pride in all of her work.



Associate Stylist

Brittany joined The Stylist & Co. team in 2021. She has been actively performing colouring & hair cutting services and attending frequent classes to perfect her technical skill. She is well rounded in all aspects of hair, and is willing to learn and help wherever she can.



Associate Stylist

Breanna joined the Stylist & Co. Team in 2021 as an apprentice and junior stylist. She is eager to continue growing in the beauty industry, and frequently attends classes to stay knowledgeable on current trends. Breanna continues to grow each day as a hairstylist and hopes to complete her apprenticeship this year

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