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Our Products

Professional quality products to protect your investment, with sustainability in mind.

Your hair is like the crown you never take off. Whether you’re looking for high-end accessories or at-home hair care, Stylist & Co. ensures professional quality in all of the brands we carry to help protect your investment. Call to arrange a visit, or speak with a stylist to customize a beauty routine suitable for all your needs.
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Certified Fresh

At Stylist & Co., We are committed to maintaining relationships with beauty companies that match our approach to sustainability and protecting the environment. Our commitments focus on three key areas - the planet, our clients, and our products. Sustainability is at the forefront of our minds when offering beauty services and is fully integrated into the development of the products we carry. Our beauty waste is disposed of, recycled, and repurposed responsibly. 

We are proud partners of Green Circle Salons; a company that recycles and repurposes up to 95% of our salon’s beauty waste.

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