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Finding the right salon or stylist for you is no small deal.


We want you to feel comfortable when placing that trust in your stylist, and collaborate with them to achieve your desired hair goals. The team at Stylist & Co. is committed to bringing out the best in you & your hair.  

Our beauty studio is located in the heart of Aurora, Ontario established in June of 2016 by Cassie Pardetti;

Master Colourist, with over a 12 years of experience in cosmetology, hairstyling and professional makeup artistry.

With personalized consultations, expertise, and extensive knowledge of the latest trends and techniques, the team at Stylist & Co. is dedicated to ensuring a truly memorable experience with every visit.

We are committed to maintaining relationships with beauty companies that match our approach to sustainability and protecting the environment. Our commitments focus on three key areas - the planet, our clients, and our products. Sustainability is at the forefront of our minds when offering beauty services and is fully integrated into the development of the products we carry. Our beauty waste is disposed of, recycled, and repurposed responsibly. 

Stylist & Co. is a proud partner of
Green Circle Salons - a company that recycles and repurposes up to 95% of our salon’s beauty waste.


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